Remco “Crystallis” Arets born October 26, 2001, is a up and coming Dutch Dota 2 player. Currently playing for Creepwave, Crystallis started his professional career in 2020 by playing for B8 with the legend Dendi.

Remco and his team are the most discussed topic in the European Tier 2/3 scene at the moment and rightly so. Creepwave are looking amazing both in Snow Sweet Snow and in the Lower Division of the Dota Pro Circuit. Playing together officially for less than a month, the young boys have already stated their goal and are on their way to achieving it.

Crystallis is taking the position 1 role in the team, also known as the safe lane carry. His playstyle and versatility are already proving his potential and it’s not wonder that Dendi was a potential inside of him and gave him a chance. Even though Remco doesn’t have much professional experience, he is already looking forward to the moment when he will face Tier 1 teams in the big leagues.

During our interview, Stoyan “AGmurdercore” Trayanov got the chance to discuss with Crystallis how he feels about his team, their mentality and something more.


HomeSweetHome is an online Dota 2 tournament featuring remarkable teams across Europe and CIS organized by Relog Media with a prize pool of $50,000. The structure of the HSH 2021 winter edition tournament consists of a Group Stage and then a double-elimination Playoffs. Initially the 16 teams are divided into two groups of 8 each. The final Bracket consists of the best 12 teams.