The fourth day of Spring Sweet Spring 3, Regional Swiss action is here and this time there’s only 6 games due to eliminations yesterday! Time is running out for the remaining squads so let’s not hang around and get into it!

Apeks 2-0 FTW
The day started out with the Swedish side of Apeks facing off against the Portuguese team of FTW and sadly it wasn’t really a competitive match as Apeks were able to finish off the 2-0 in confident fashion. Despite both maps heading into double digits, it didn’t make a difference as Apeks kept the momentum right the way through the series to close the victory in the second map. FREDDyFROG claimed the MVP award for this match as he finished the series with an epic 2.64 KD.


This match was a banger in terms of how back and forth the game was, with the Polish side of HONORIS taking on the Danish team of HYENAS in a three map spectacle to kick the day off. HYENAS took the first map of Inferno 16-5 but from there the game got much closer, with the last 2 maps going into double digits, the first falling in the favor of HONORIS with a 16-10, and the second landing in the lap of HYENAS, with a 19-17 slim victory to end the series on Vertigo. Fessor once again was the key member of the Danish team as he ended the series with the best stats.

Budapest Five 0-2 Copenhagen Flames

This match was quite the dominant one compared to the previous two that we had witnessed just a few hours earlier, with Budapest Five only being able to gather 16 rounds on both of the maps combined while the Flames were able to ride to a 2-0 victory to close the series. This time, Ancient wasn’t played for either of these two teams, so Overpass and Mirage were the maps of choice, with the Flames taking the first 16-6 and the second 16-10. Zyphon, the latest addition to the team, was the top player, ending with 42 kills.

Iberian Family 2-1 Ambush

The Spanish team of Iberian Family have been causing quite the number of upsets in recent times and once more they’ve done it again. This time it was against the French side of Ambush and while all three maps were required, the first two ended 16-11 and the third followed with a 16-9 to close the series. This time it was slaxx who had the most impact, getting plenty of kills along the way and with a couple of different players winning the MVP award over the last couple of days they’ve definitely got some talent in this roster.

Lyngby Vikings 2-1 Anonymo

After 3 rather contested games Lyngby Vikings managed to get that sweet 2-1 win against Anonymo. Anonymo won on Nuke, yet the Vikings managed to get the next 2 – Ancient and Vertigo. Daffu got 62 frags out of those games and topped it with 87.1 ADR.

Galaxy Racer 2-1 1WIN

The last game of the day went to Galaxy Racer who took down 1WIN with a 2-1 win. After 1WIN got the first map – Overpass, Galaxy Racers got themselves together and dominated on the next 2 – Dust2 and Vertigo. PlesseN got 57 frags and an ADR of 81.5.