The third day of any Swiss stage means that sadly we will lose two teams today, but fortunately for two others they will advance into the next stage which for us is the Main Swiss stage! Let’s see who prevailed on this amazing day!

Iberian Family 2-0 Tricked
Tricked have sadly been in quite a strange position over the last two weeks, going from placing quite well in their matches to being eliminated in the Regional Swiss stage without even winning a series unfortunately. What’s more scary is that they didn’t even win a map throughout the three games that the played, so we can only speculate that there’s some out-of-server issues taking place here. For Iberian Family though, they saved themselves from elimination with a confident 2-0 series to send Tricked out of the tournament. SunPayus was the key figure for the Spanish side as he claimed the MVP award with an insane 116.4 ADR.


This match was also quite the interesting game as the Serbian side of ONYX took on the Portuguese team of FTW in what was a very close game with saw the FTW side take the 2-0 in the final death of Map 2, after closing out a 16-14 and avoiding overtime to keep the series safe. This was quite the underdog win for the FTW team, as many expected the experience of ONYX to reign supreme here, especially with the likes of jR on the team, but that wasn’t to be as Icarus, one of the key players in FTW turned up to give a solid performance to help his team get the win.

Anonymo 2-0 HONORIS
We had a wonderful Polish derby to enjoy in this game as the luck of the draw saw Anonymo get matched with HONORIS in an exciting game to see who could come out on top in the Polish match. There was no competition in terms of maps really as the Anonymo team were the ones to claim the victory with a 2-0 win under their belt. However, the scores of each map tell a completely different story with a 16-14 and 19-17 being the difference between Anonymo winning the game and heading to a third map. Snax was the one to make the big difference, though, as he ended the match with 63 kills.

Lyngby Vikings 2-1 HYENAS

Finally! We have a match that decided to play the third map of the series, and what a game it was as we got to witness yet another derby, this time in the Danish scene as the Vikings took on the HYENAS in the strangest anime-crossover of all time! Lyngby Vikings were able to win the match by getting an insane 16-1 run on Overpass to seal the deal, with the HYENAS quoting that “it’s better than a 16-0” but still an embarrassing score to see. This was helped by the main man of Daffu who has been very consistent since joining the team. He collected 55 kills along the way.

Apeks 0-2 Galaxy Racer

The pattern continued in the Swedish derby as Galaxy Racer took on Apeks and were able to take them down in a confident 2-0 battle. Despite the first map heading into overtime, with Galaxy Racer claiming the 19-16 victory, the wind in the sails of Apeks seemed to die down in the second map as their opponents cruised to a 16-4 victory. Chawzyyy had an incredible game, finishing the series with 120.4 ADR!


And so we keep going! Another 2-0 match locked and loaded, this time by the German side of ALTERNATE aTTaX who seem to have found their feet in the Swiss stage, this time taking down the Russian side of 1WIN which is no easy task given their current form. Players like deko and Polt couldn’t make the impact they wanted to in this game, as players such as Krimbo and Panix were on hand to get the win for the German team. Krimbo was the man of the hour for this match, as he ended at the top of the leaderboard with an impressive set of stats.

Budapest Five 2-0 Ambush

It seems like the teams here in the 1-1 bracket of the Swiss stage love to keep getting these quick matches and this was once again shown by the Hungarian team of Budapest Five. They were able to dissect the French squad of Ambush in what was a confident game from the Five. Ancient was the first map out of the gate, and despite needing a 16-14, the Budapest squad didn’t let this phase them and moved into the second map to claim the win 16-11. Fleav was the key figure for Budapest Five as he claimed the MVP award.

Fiend 2-0 Copenhagen Flames

And lastly for today we have the Bulgarian team of Fiend taking on Copenhagen Flames and once more we got to witness yet another 2-0, this time in the favor of Fiend who were able to stun the Flames who were only able to muster up 13 rounds across the two maps. REDSTAR and h4rn collaborated brilliantly to ensure the win was secured for their team, with the former picking up the MVP award for this series.