It’s time for some more Spring action today as we go into the second round of the Regional Swiss stage where some teams will get one step closer to qualifying for the Main Swiss stage!

Apeks 2-0 Tricked

The Danish side of Tricked seems to be struggling as of the recent week as they lost their first game to ALTERNATE aTTaX in a 2-0 match and now do the same against the Swedish team of Apeks who shut them down giving them only 10 rounds across the two maps. It was a fast and confident match from the Swedes, with FREDDyFROG being the top dog in this game, ending the series with a stunning 104.1 ADR. Tricked had better buck their ideas up if they wish to stay in the bracket for now, as a loss tomorrow will send them out of the tournament.

Ambush 2-1 ONYX
Completely opposite to the first match, this one took many twists and turns before it finished with a lot of issues plaguing the series too. Ambush had to field two different stand-ins but were still able to win the game over the ONYX side who have embedded both bondik and jR into their side. Ambush had to dig deep in one of the maps, with Dust2 heading into a triple overtime fiasco that saw the French side finally close the win 25-21. SBT was the one who stayed calm during the storm, and whilst his stats weren’t amazing, he was the player to remain consistent despite all of the issues.

Budapest Five 2-0 FTW

It seems like the majority of the matches today will start to follow the same pattern as many others as this match once more ends 2-0 with the Hungarian side of Budapest Five getting the win over the Portuguese team of FTW. Both of the maps ended 16-5 for the Budapest Five team, giving FTW only 10 rounds in the series. Kory was the top dog in this match as he was able to end the game with an insane 115.3 ADR and an even better 2.30 KD.

Iberian Family 1-2 HONORIS

This game wasn’t short of any insane action as the last two maps played both required overtime before the winner could be decided. The second map went in the favor of the Iberian Family side as they closed out Nuke 19-17, but once the game went to Vertigo, it was HONORIS that were able to repeat the same efforts and get a 19-17 to match their already-earned 16-6 from the first map to close the series. Reiko was the key element in this match, as he managed to pick up a comfortable 88 kills and 97.4 ADR which is quite impressive across three maps.


It was expected to be a much closer game than it was as the German side of ATN aTTaX took on the growing Danish side of HYENAS. Only two maps were required for this match, as the German side were able to take them both to get the 2-0 in the series and make the game look swift. Getting only 18 rounds in the series, HYENAS struggled to get off the ground, especially when players like Panix were running rings around the server, getting kills left, right and center. He was the player to claim the MVP award for this series, as he ended the match with an impressive 2.14 KD.

Fiend 2-0 Galaxy Racer

The pattern of results continues into the Bulgarian side of Fiend in this game as they were facing the Swedish side of Galaxy Racer, who at the end of it all seemed like no match for Fiend who are getting a lot of wins thanks to their fine form as of late. They smashed the first map out of the park, getting a 16-2 win to really set the pace for the game. The second map followed and Fiend wrapped it up 16-10. Once again, the latest addition to this Bulgarian powerhouse was the one to claim the MVP award, as h4rn topped the scoreboard with a magical 101.8 ADR.

Anonymo 0-2 Copenhagen Flames

We have really come to love the new map of Ancient which has been featured in this series with the Danish side of Copenhagen Flames being able to dismantle the Polish team of Anonymo in a 2-0 series. Ancient was the first map out of the gate, and the Flames took this home 16-6 in dominant fashion. The second map was up next and the Flames sealed the series by winning Mirage 16-12. The star AWPer and overall great player, nicoodoz, bagged himself the MVP award by the end of the game, finishing with 46 kills in the series.

1WIN 2-1 Lyngby Vikings

In one of the only three matches today to head to a third map, the Russian team of 1WIN battled it out against the Danes of Lyngby Vikings in what was an epic series to witness. Twists and turns around every corner with the prospect of overtime sprinkled in along the way. This wasn’t required as the map was sealed 16-14 by the Vikings. Overall though, it was 1WIN who powered through the match, finishing the game with a 16-10 win. Once again it was the star youngster of deko who claimed the MVP for his team as he bagged himself 81 kills.