It’s day one here in the Regional Swiss stage of Spring Sweet Spring 3 and it’s time to kickstart one of the most fire formats in this event to see who can make it into the Main Swiss stage and join those invited teams!


The day started out with quite the quick match in the grand scheme of CS:GO as 1WIN were once again able to put on a great performance by taking down the Polish side of HONORIS in a 2-0 match. The Polish team was only able to generate the bare minimums against this Russian team who have been on fire for the last couple of weeks, with the likes of deko once again being on hand to guide his team to victory. He finished the match with a cool 93.5 ADR.

Tricked 0-2 ALTERNATE aTTaX
The result of this match shocked many fans today as the Danish side of Tricked have been on great form as of the last few weeks but facing the German side of ATN Attax seemed like too much for the Danes to handle as they fell quickly in a confident 2-0 match from Attax. There was an insane performance by the youngster of Krimbo who blessed the server with his incredible aim and fast reflexes as he ended the series with a HUGE 3.50 KD which led him to get 49 kills and only 14 deaths. This is one of the best performances that we have seen in a Best of 3 since the start of the year!

Fiend 2-0 FTW Esports
The last few matches have been a little more tough than expected for the Bulgarian side of Fiend but they made no mistake with the Portuguese team of FTW who came into this match as a large underdog with the chance of pulling the rug from under the feet of Fiend but they didn’t let this happen at all today as the Fiend side were able to cruise towards a comfortable 2-0 win to advance in the Swiss Bracket up to the 1-0 stage. REDSTAR made a huge impact once again, proving to be one of the most valuable players on the server as he picked up yet another MVP award.

Apeks 0-2 HYENAS
Despite being a relatively new team on the scene, HYENAS are full of experience and players that have shared time in previous teams so this roster is on its way to becoming one of the better Danish teams in the scene with the likes of Kjaerbye and new star Fessor in their ranks. Speaking of these two players, they both had great impact in the match today against the Swedish side of Apeks who, right at the last hurdle, failed to close out overtime and gave the 2-0 win to the HYENAS side. Fessor grabbed the MVP award for his consistency throughout both maps.

Anonymo 2-0 ONYX
This match was quite the quick game as we saw the Polish side of Anonymo shutting down the Serbian-based team of ONYX in a rapid 2-0 match. Getting only 15 rounds across the two maps that were played, ONYX didn’t really get off the ground in this match, with some great plays from the likes of Kylar stopping any attempt at fighting back. He was the MVP for this series, as he ended the match with some solid stats including 41 kills and a 1.95 KD.

Copenhagen Flames 2-0 Ambush
It was the turn of the Danes to get a win under their belt in this match as Copenhagen Flames were able to take on the French side of Ambush and get the 2-0 win in quite convincing fashion. Despite the first match being a 16-14 narrow win for the Flames, it seems like the energy was minimalized going into the second map and that stopped Ambush from getting back into the game to give the Flames the 2-0. Zyphon is proving to be a great addition to the team as he finished at the top of the scoreboard with a solid 92.2 ADR.

Galaxy Racer 2-0 Budapest Five
This game could not have been any more close to going to overtime, TWICE, if they tried any harder. Both of the maps played in this series, despite being won by Galaxy Racer, ended with a 16-14 narrow win both times. This gave Galaxy Racer the 2-0 win, but it definitely was a close match that could’ve seen the Budapest Five side back in the game had a few rounds gone differently in either map. Chawzyyy was on hand once again to be the most valuable player as he topped the leaderboard and was consistent throughout the maps. His stats aren’t amazing but he kept his side in a lot of important rounds.

Lyngby Vikings 2-0 Iberian Family
The last match of the day was also a super close game despite being yet another 2-0 match. In the first map, Iberian Family looked like they had a great chance to close it, but the Vikings snatched the 16-13 to move into the second map, and from there it was even closer. It went into overtime on this one, but the Vikings were able to dig deep and get the win without needing the third map to be played. maNkz comes in and claims the MVP for this series, as he guided his team to a successful victory and topped the scoreboard for his side.