Day 4 served us another energy boost! We loved every second of today, there’s no doubt about it. It was also the last day before the Elimination Day. Let’s quickly sum it up and brace ourselves for tomorrow!

Group G – International 2

Lyngby Vikings 2-0 Nemiga

It was a spectacularly quick series! Lyngby Vikings turned on their classic beast mode and they defeated Nemiga 2-0! They scored 16-8 on Vertigo and 16-5 on Inferno. Birdfromsky & raalz showed us what a harmonious duo they are! Birdfromsky finished the game with the most assists (9) while raalz amazed us with his 103.6 ADR and +9 FK Diff.

Budapest Five 2-0 100PG

Budapest Five were fast & furious during this one! They took down 100PG 2-0 by scoring 16-13 on Overpass and 16-9 on Dust2.
Kory wasn’t joking around! He performed 48 kills and ended up with +13 KD Diff. Very nice!

Lyngby Vikings 2-1 Budapest Five

The clash of Group G’s titans ended in favor of Lyngby Vikings and this way they advanced to the Regional Swiss!
Once again, birdfromsky‘s insane skills left us completely speechless. He performed 66 frags and 86.0 ADR. This guy has a lot of experience and it really shows!

Nemiga 2-0 100PG
Nemiga’s 2-0 victory eliminated 100PG from the 3rd edition of Spring Sweet Spring. The winners showed us some beautiful tactics & team cooperation. iDISBALANCE proved his talent through the loveliest stats: 2.03 KD and 119.2 ADR. What a champ!

Group H – Nordic 2

CPH Flames 2-0 MASONIC
CPH Flames brought some serious heat with them! They won 2-0 against Masonic and converted a first kill into a round win 13 of 15 times (86%, M2). HooXi had 5 aug kills out of a total of 9 kills in the last 6 rounds and gained the MVP title.

Apeks 2-1 Lilmix
This was a bumpy ride but after all, Apeks managed to take down Lilmix 2-1! The team sprinkled all 3 maps with a total 281 kills! FREDDyFROG ended up with +19 KD Diff and 79.3 ADR. Relaxa, on the other hand, had the most AWP kills (32) of them all!

MASONIC 2-0 Lilmix
MASONIC took their chance to stay in the tournament by scoring 2-0 in the Group H elimination match played against Lilmix. The team won 3 of 5 fullbuy vs forcebuy rounds on M2. Queenix decided to go all in and he took 3 out of 6 places on “The Most” podium: for the most kills, the most damage and the best rating 2.0!

Apeks 2-1 CPH Flames
Woah, this one was pretty intense, wasn’t it? After all, Apeks managed to secure their place in the Regional Swiss by scoring 2-1. The winners converted a first kill into a round win 9 of 12 times (75%, M3) and the MVP title went to Relaxa who finished the game being 6-1 in duels against Zyphon.