The first day of Spring Sweet Spring #3 went super fun with 8 matches (Groups: A & B) , so let’s take no time dawdling and dive straight into the action!

Group A – International 1

Tricked 2-0 AGF
The first match went 2-0 in favor of Tricked. They managed to get the sweet 2-0, even though both of the games were pretty close. The first map was Inferno and it ended with a 16-12 score and the second one was Mirage which ended as 16-14. MVP is Sebastian ‘Basso’ Aagaard who also stood in and filled a spot for the day. He ended with 42 Frags and 74.4 ADR.

1WIN 2-0 VP.Prodigy
The second game ended with the 2-0 score as 1WIN went against VP.Prodigy. A bit contested games, again, yet 1WIN got the win and went 19-17 on Ancient & 16-12 on Dust2. MVP title went to Aleksandr ‘TRAVIS’ Timkiv with 54 frags and 93.0 ADR.

Tricked 2-0 1WIN
Tricked kept going with the 2-0 action and we simply loved that!
They dominated 1WIN and got a 16-7 score on both of the maps – Overpass and Nuke. Andreas ‘kiR’ Kirstein left us completely speechless with an amazing ADR of 112.2.

VP.Prodigy 2-1 AGF

The first 2-1 game of the day. VP.Prodigy managed to be victorious over AGF. VP.Prodigy got the first map (Vertigo) with 16-14 but lost the second one – Overpass with 6-16. After all, they’ve managed to fight back and get the last one, Dust2, with the 19-15 score. Ivan ‘lom1k’ Ovsyanik became a man with the plan, thanks to 66 glorious frags and 80.0 ADR.

Group B – Balkan

Fiend 2-0 ONYX
Fiend is still on fire! This Bulgarian team (currently peaking at #15) entered the third edition of Snow Sweet Snow with a winning streak. They took down their opponents in a lovely 2-0 way. Fiend scored 16-13 on the beautiful Ancient and 16-12 on their beloved Mirage.
It seems to be that h4rn remains in great shape! Today he ended up with 28 beautiful AWP kills.

4glory 2-0 NEXUS
4glory spoiled us with 2-0 action as well! They defeated Nexus with almost no sweat. They dealt with the first map with a lot of self-confidence by scoring 16-5. M2 was a bit tougher for them but after all they won 16-12 on it. Kind0 amazed us with his +14 K-D Diff accompanied by the best rating 2.0 (1.48).

Fiend 2-0 4glory
Fiend won 2-0 against 4glory in the group B winners’ match. These lads are the absolute beasts and they don’t slow down! During this series, they managed to win 16-14 on the first map and oh boy, they completely smashed 4glory on the second map (16-3).
We would also like to give some shout outs to dream3r (the mvp) who had 13 ak47 kills out of a total of 19 kills in the last 13 rounds!

Onyx 2-0 Nexus
Today’s journey ended with another 2-0 score. What a treat, folks! WHAT-A-TREAT! Onyx turned on some serious speed during this series. They got 16-14 on Nuke and 16-9 on Mirage. They showed us both great tactics and smooth cooperation in this elimination match. bondik became the mvp very deservedly! He had +19 K-D Diff and took 4 out of 6 places in “The Most” department.