It’s day three here in Spring Sweet Spring 3’s Main Swiss stage and things are getting spicy! Two teams eliminated, two teams qualifying to playoffs! Let’s dive in!

This match started out with quite the dominant run from the Polish team of AGO who were able to take the 2-0 over MIBR. Both maps ended with double digits for MIBR but they couldn’t get a win across the line to take it to a third map. Snatchie was the MVP for this game as he secured a solid 2.04 KD to finish the match.

Galaxy Racer 0-2 Budapest Five
The Hungarian side of Budapest Five have shown some great results as of late and they do exactly the same again here as they take out the Swedish side of Galaxy Racer 2-0. Despite making it to double digits on the first map of Vertigo, Mirage fell 16-9 soon after to give Budapest Five the victory. Coolio picked up an impressive 50 kills in this series.

1WIN have been on great form since their new roster came together and once more they show this again as they get a great 2-0 victory over the German side of ALTERNATE aTTaX. Despite both games heading into the final rounds of regulation, 1WIN were able to seal the deal without any overtimes required. Deko picked up the MVP award for his 1.52 KD.

Lyngby Vikings 0-2 Iberian Family
The Spanish side of Iberian Family have been an underdog right the way through this event but they keep on showing great things as once again they get another 2-0 result. This time it was against the Danish side of Lyngby Vikings. SunPayus picked up 53 kills in this match.

EXTREMUM 2-1 Sharks
The Brazilian side of Sharks met their match in this game as they faced off against the Aussies of EXTREMUM in what was quite the match, with all three maps being required to secure the win for the Aussies. AZR showed his prowess during this game, as the in game leader picked up the best stats on his team.

Endpoint 2-0 Fiend
The UK based side of Endpoint have qualified for the playoffs as they took down the Bulgarian side of Fiend in a 2-0 game. This match was expected to go to all three maps with both teams being ultra competitive but it wasn’t like that at all, with Endpoint winning both maps. It definitely felt like a long game, with quadruple overtime being played on the first map of Mirage, and 16-14 wrapping up Inferno. CRUC1AL ensured his team’s safety by getting 77 kills.

Copenhagen Flames 2-1 Anonymo
The Danish team of CPH Flames battled against the Polish outfit of Anonymo in a three map battle that finally saw the Danes get the win as they secured the win with a 16-14 on the last map of Inferno. This time it was HooXi who earned the MVP award, as he finished on top of the scoreboard.