It’s the second day of Main Swiss action and things are starting to heat up as today gives some teams the chance to get one step closer to a playoff spot! Let’s dive right into the action!

Galaxy Racer 2-0 HYENAS
It wasn’t the best start to the day sadly as Galaxy Racer got a forfeit win against HYENAS as they withdrew from the tournament. We hope to see them return for the next events under better conditions. Galaxy Racer moves into the 1-1 bracket.

Lyngby Vikings 2-1 MIBR
This match went the distance between the Danes of Lyngby Vikings and the Brazilians of MIBR. With all three maps came plenty of twists and turns. Despite the Vikings winning the first map, they lost the second and started to dip in energy but were able to turn it around on Ancient where they sealed the deal with a 16-9 result. maNkz was the best player for the Vikings as he collected 72 kills in the series and a 93.4 ADR rating.

Budapest Five 2-1 Young Ninjas
This game was full of excitement as all three maps were played before the winner was crowned, and with the Hungarian side battling it out to keep in front, they were able to successfully do so and win the series in their favor. The Swedes of Young Ninjas struggled in two of the maps, as the Budapest Five team were able to lock out both Overpass and Mirage in their favor after losing the first map of Ancient. Fleav was on fine form once again as he secured his place at the top of the leaderboard, settling 65 kills and an 81.4 ADR along the way.

When the Polish side of AGO took on the German team of ALTERNATE aTTax, most expected this to go to three maps and that’s exactly what it did as Mirage, Dust2 and Inferno were all played during this series. Despite AGO winning the first map 16-14, the second two went in the favor of aTTaX who sealed the win with a 16-12 and a 16-9. PANIX had an insane match as he ended the game with an incredible 106.7 ADR across 90 kills gained, giving him a 1.84 KD to finish the series.

Iberian Family 0-2 Fiend
Despite their excellent run of form over the last week or so, the Iberian Family couldn’t keep up their amazing performance against the likes of Fiend who were able to shut down this series in a 2-0 to keep the Spanish team at bay. Dream3r was the MVP of this match as he got himself an incredible set of stats.

Endpoint 2-1 Sharks
This match seemed much more of a challenge for the UK side of Endpoint as they had to play all three maps against the Brazilian team of Sharks in what was quite an epic battle. It required the key players of each team to dig deep and haul out an excellent performance to get the win for their side, and this time it was mezii who stood out among the rest. He was able to pick up 73 kills in the series, with two of the maps ending 16-14, giving him plenty of opportunities to frag out.

1WIN 0-2 Copenhagen Flames
At the moment, it’s very rare that we see this 1WIN team losing games quite easily so it must’ve been an excellent performance from the Danish side of CPH Flames who were able to win the game 2-0 without 1WIN even hitting double digits on either map. This time, it was jabbi who kept his team on top, as he picked up a solid 82.5 ADR to finish the series.

EXTREMUM 1-2 Anonymo
The last match of the day was full of twists and turns as the series required all three maps to be played before a winner could be decided. The Polish team of Anonymo were able to take the win from under the feet of EXTREMUM, who seemed to struggle on the final map of Mirage after losing 16-9, prior to keeping all of the maps on double digits at least. KEi was the key figure for Anonymo once again. He ended the match with a 93.5 ADR.