The last invited team for today is a spicy one! With a UK roster filled with talent, it gives us great pleasure to announce this team!

Endpoint has been through lots of different phases with their roster during 2020 and 2021, but they have returned to their roots as of recently, and signed some players from the United Kingdom to make this roster a primarily-UK team. With this team sitting #27 in the world, this is one of the highest spots for an all-British team that we’ve seen in a long time (minus CRUC1AL of course but he’s basically a Brit at this point!)
Having brought mezii into the roster after his stint in Cloud9, and re-signing Thomas after his period in Envy, this team is looking mightily scary heading into the Main Swiss stage.

You can watch all of the Main Swiss action unfold as of Monday 24th April 2021, on the TEBtv channels which you can find in the Twitch Team here!