Sweden is notorious for its skill in Counter-Strike and that’s no different on this roster filled with legendary players mixed with some fresh faces to the scene.

Dignitas have elevated their skill over the recent month or so, having made a roster change that saw Lekr0 come into their team. He has made a huge difference to their playstyle, claiming a lot of the MVP awards that are given out across the various tournaments they compete in. This has allowed some of the greater veteran players like f0rest to focus more on the supportive roles and allow the younger talent to be at the forefront of the action.

This has seen Dignitas rise to #22 in the world, and having the chance to break into the Top 20 after playing Spring Sweet Spring would be a great achievement for this team.

You can watch all of the Main Swiss action unfold as of Monday 24th April 2021, on the TEBtv channels which you can find in the Twitch Team here!