Second up we’ve got a very fresh roster joining us in the Main Swiss stage, but their “new” players are not strangers to this roster, as HooXi and roeJ return to the Flames to form their new squad.

Copenhagen Flames made it very clear they were unhappy with the results of their previous team when the in-game leader, AcilioN, was released from the team to look for new opportunities. This led the Flames to bring back two old squad members in the form of HooXi and roeJ, the latter of which had just come from a stint in the MAD Lions roster. They also picked up the former Astralis Talent youngster of Zyphon, who got a lot of attention for his high-skill level on the Astralis youth team.

You can watch all of the Main Swiss action unfold as of Monday 24th April 2021, on the TEBtv channels which you can find in the Twitch Team here!