Now that Spring Sweet Spring #1 is underway with some new participants and some old returnees, let’s take a look at some of this week’s competitors and see who we should look out for as potential dark horses of the regional stages, and maybe some teams who could get tripped up this week.

Group B – XSET

In Group B, there’s a historical moment going to take place as an all-female roster, XSET, will be participating as they go up against Nordavind, Lemondogs, and EC Brugge in a very competitive group. This marks the first time in Home Sweet Home 2021 history where a female roster will be taking part.

Their last HLTV appearance was back in December of 2020, in the DreamHack Showdown female event, where they took 1st place, beating Galaxy Racer.fe to take home the $12,000 USD first prize.


One of the most exciting rosters to watch at the moment is the newly-formed French side of DBL PONEY who have really made an impact in the European scene since they formed last month. Currently ranked at 44th in the world, their squad is a mixed bag of players, with some lesser-experienced but high-skilled players combined with the elder experience of the likes of NBK and bodyy.

It will be interesting to see how they match up against some of the lesser-ranked teams in their group, including the likes of fellow-French side Ambush, and the German roster of ALTERNATE aTTaX, who’s roster has been changing over the last couple of months.

Group G – SKADE

Currently on an incredible run of form and a great few weeks of winning lots of matches, Bulgarian team SKADE are currently ranked #28 in the world and are on track to stay in the Top 30 in the world should they continue their good run of success in this week’s Spring Sweet Spring matches.

They are hoping to solidify another week of good results and push into the Main Swiss Stage of Spring Sweet Spring #1, and given that they statistically are a head above their competition in Group G, this shouldn’t be a difficult task for them.

You can find all the action of Spring Sweet Spring #1 underway on our Twitch channels, at TEBtv and TEBtv3. Make sure to tune in to never miss a game!