Group E – West Europe


The series kept us on the edge of our seats. Even though UMX had started the battle in a victorious way, it didn’t stop ALTERNATE aTTaX from having a nice comeback on M2. They were a little bit stagnant at the beginning but thanks to Krimbo they managed to get out of it. Unfortunately, it didn’t last for too long as UMX decided to crush their opponents 16-7 on the decider. arTisT‘s performance today was truly a piece of art. He had 65 frags in total and the most first ones (14) of them all. That great time this talented lad had during this opening match is without a doubt a pleasant addition to the Saint Patrick’s Day celebration.

LDLC 2-0 Ambush

This March, LDLC are experiencing a beyond successful time. They haven’t lost a single match so far this month. The opening match against Ambush was no exception. They scored 2-0 (16-12 on Dust2; 16-5 on Nuke) and won 8 of 10 full buys vs full buy rounds on the decider. Keoz absolutely saved the day with the damage that he did (101.1). +18 K-D and +FK Diffs are something this player can be definitely proud of after this fast battle.


LDLC continued their blazing performances in the WInner’s Match as they took down the UMX side in yet another convincing 2-0. On the first map of Vertigo, UMX put up a great fight but sadly fell in Overtime, as Keoz carried them to success with 27 kills. However, in the second map of Inferno, LDLC gave UMX barely any room to breathe. The French side, notorious for playing this map through the iterations of their roster once again proved why it’s a staple map pick for them – riding to a clean 16-9 victory to push UMX down to the decider match on Friday. Maka had an outstanding second map, with 111.1 ADR to finish off the series, with an astonishing 31 kills to wrap up another comfortable win for the French side.

Ambush 0-2 ALTERNATE aTTaX

Despite losing their first match, the Germans ploughed on and didn’t let the last match affect them. It certainly looked like a much easier affair this time, as they shut down the French Ambush side 2-0 without giving them a look in. The first map led us to Inferno, where ATN just scraped a win in Overtime, having to go to 19-17 to cement the win and get the 1 map advantage. Some great work by Krimbo dropping 33 kills really sealed it here. In the second map, it was more of the same. This time PANIX turned up and caused a real disturbance for their French opponents, allowing his team to ride out 2-0 winners with a monstrous 102.6 ADR by his side.

Group F – Iberia

GTZ Bulls 2-0 eXploit

Moving into the second group of the day, the GTZ Bulls really lived up to their expectations of a “bull in a china shop” style performance. They were able to dismantle eXploit on both of the played maps to ensure an easy passage to the winner’s game. Dead was the start of the show on Map 1, with a huge 1.53 overall rating. eXploit managed to reach 11 rounds on both maps but it really wasn’t enough. The Bulls ran with the momentum on Dust2, one of the worst maps to play when you already have a disadvantage, and unfortunately eXploit could not keep up. They fell in the 2nd map and allowed the Bulls to move into the winning position.

OFFSET 2-1 Case Esports

Unlike GTZ Bulls, OFFSET needed the third map of this series to close out the victory, but the overall scoreline isn’t as dominant as some of the individual map scores. None of the 3 maps played reached double digits for the losing side, with OFFSET winning the first map 16-4, Case replying with a 16-8 on Nuke, and a 16-9 shutdown by OFFSET to close the game on Train. RIZZZ was the highlight player of the match, with an overall 49 kills across the series. However, he was closely trailed by pr, with n1ssim of Case Esports also putting up a worthy performance.

GTZ Bulls 2-1 OFFSET

Being the lowest ranked team in the group is difficult, especially when your winner’s match faces you against one of the best ranked teams in your region, but GTZ Bulls absolutely took this in their stride versus OFFSET. The first map of Inferno started out great for them, getting a 16-12 victory to proceed to map 2. rafaxF had an incredible game, finishing with 32 kills and 101.6 ADR. The second map slipped for them, and gave OFFSET a chance to reverse-sweep the series. Statistically, Dust2 is one of the best maps for the Bulls, but this time OFFSET came out on top with a 16-8 win. It all rested on the 3rd map to decide this Portuguese battle, and the Bulls once again lowered their horns and sliced through their opponents. A close battle in DOUBLE overtime ensured an edge-of-the-seat match, but GTZ Bulls swooped the 22-20 win to claim the series.

eXploit 2-1 Case Esports

Much like the previous series, all three maps were required to finish this series and decide the winner, and give one of these teams a chance to make it to Friday’s decider match. It was expected to begin like any other regional game and it did. A close match with a double overtime beginning on Inferno set the tone of the series. Renatoohaxx turned up massively with 41 kills on Nuke to guide his team to victory. The energy slipped in the second map though and Case were able to turn it around with a swift 16-6 win on Dust2. Highlight-player n1ssim once again helped his team secure the win, with 25 kills under his belt. It all came down to the third map once again and this time eXploit were able to ride out the win. Inferno is a very precarious third map to play, given how balanced the meta can be, but eXploit dug deep and found a 16-13 win to claim the series and knock Case Esports out of the group.