Snow Sweet Snow 1 has come to an end. What a journey! The whole tournament happened to be more than exciting and e loved every second of it. Let’s take a look at the last day of Cup 1 and put some icing on the cake!

Gambit 2-1 Virtus.pro

After the December’s defeat, Gambit decided to take down Virtus.pro 2-1 and M3 made it all crystal clear! They played on: Overpass (Gambit’s pick), Dust2 (Virtus.pro’s pick) and Mirage (the decider).

Let’s keep in mind Hobbit‘s 1vs3 clutch (T – pre-plant situation) and the fact that he ended up with sweet 77 frags, the most damage being 83.2, the most first kills (18) and the best rating 2.0 (1.23)!

FPX 2-0 sAw

It was an ultimate destruction! FPX really showed us their skills & perfectly planned strategy during the semi-final. They scored 16-13 on Dust2 and 16-10 on Nuke.

Maden kept his great shape from yesterday. He had 3 Scout kills (3 HS) on the offensive (M1)! His teammate Farlig had a splendid moment on M2 where he had 3 AK kills to eliminate the 3/5 of the Ramp CT stack (anti-eco). We all have to admit that his duo is just SWEET!


Looking at the past few months, we can easily say that Gambit is a beast – but FPX didn’t seem to be scared of their opponent. The team gathered all the strength and defeated Gambit 2-1! It was absolutely crazy! They converted a first kill into a round win 12 of 13 times (92%).

Farlig amazed us once again and to put a cherry on top – he finished the game with 60 frags & the most AWP kills (33) while Maden got the most first kills (13)! The DUO was back at it AGAIN. FPX didn’t slow down for a single minute.

Thank You

To sum up the first sweet & snowy adventure this year: we can’t express our appreciation to everyone who participated in it. The whole tournament gave us all the feels! Now, we can start preparing for the thrilling CUP 2. STAY TUNED!