The first day of the #SnowSweetSnow Regional Swiss stage is behind us, with 8 matches of blistering CS:GO action in the books.

Let’s see how it all went down:

SG.pro 0-2 Honoris

The Poles came in guns blazing, setting the tone for the rest of their #SnowSweetSnow run. After an evenly matched Mirage (14-16), they annihilated the Russians on Vertigo (0-9 start on CT, 0-6 finish on T).

While NEO and TaZ had a vintage display, it was the young blood reiko who stood out. He came out on top of all individual duel metrics (10:7, 9:6, 9:3, 11:5 and 7:6) and was a reliable entry fragger with a 2.33 OKR on 7 opening kills, 6 out of which resulted in a won round for Honoris.

Sinners 2-1 EC Kyiv

A bouncy series saw the Czech squad come on top, leaving the Ukrainians hungry and wanting. A slow start on Dust2 (2:13 at the half) cost Sinners the first map, but they bounced back in the next 2, eventually demolishing EC Kyiv on Vertigo (12:3 CT, 4:1 T).

A staple in the CS:GO scene and no stranger to accolades, oskar was the definitive MVP, raking up an immense 15+ KD difference (56-41) and 20 assists over the 3-game series. Don’t let this man get his hands anywhere near an AWP or you’ll regret it!

Lilmix 2-0 eXploit

Now this one was a nailbiter! It took a triple OT on Dust2 to separate the Swedes from the Portuguese, who will feel like they should’ve won this.
Inferno on the other hand was a game of runs, and Lilmix got on a huge run in the clutch, winning 7 in a row (9-11 to 16-11) to clinch the 2-0 and net them their first Regional Swiss win!

isak came out victorious and with an MVP under his belt, and I have to attribute that to his survivability. He had a KAST of 74,7% while his death per round ratio sat on 0.59. He was able to position expertly and dish out damage in a tightly contested series, all while still meshing with his new team. Hats off to the 19 year old Swede!

Tricked 2-1 4glory

They kept up for 2 games, but in the end the Danes were too much to handle for the Serbian 4glory squad who crumbled on Train (16:5). Tricked were better early on in every map, with 4glory always picking it up towards the end (11:4 / 5:10 halves on Nuke, 8:7 / 5:10 on Mirage).

Tricked should be thanking Lucky who had a monstrous +32 K/D difference while dropping 77 frags. He singlehandedly carried the Danes to victory with his trusty AWP, making his counterpart Dragon look like he’s playing with a water gun. The 18 year old Dane won all his clutches and had 3 triple and 3 quad kills. Monster.

Izako Boars 2-0 Trident

The Boars are no strangers to Relog tournaments, having participated in 6/7 of the Nine to Five cups. Today they were decisive in both maps’ CT halves – 8:4 on Train and 9:3 on Dust2, which was more than enough to see them edge out the newcomers Trident.

New addition (courtesy of Illuminar) mono was the best player on the server, with 21 (47.7%) of his 44 kills being headshots, the Polish rifler sent Trident flying and guided the Boars to a deserved dub.

Lyngby Vikings 2-0 GamerLegion

What a blast it was for Lyngby Vikings! Starting strong with some slight OT on the first map, they took down GamerLegion and scored 2-0!

On the 2nd map, Lyngby Vikings converted a first kill into a round win 12 of 15 times while rilax (the mvp) had both most kills & damage on Vertigo and most assists on Overpass! These are some insane skills!

Winstrike 2-0 OFFSET

That one was smooth like silk, wasn’t it? Winstrike weren’t joking around and they really striked for win!

Scoring 2-0 (16-12 on Dust2; 16-5 on Mirage), Winstrike Team won 8 of 13 fullbuy vs fullbuy rounds. El1an on the other hand, had 6 awp kills out of a total of 10 kills in the last 7 rounds and was 6 – 1 in duels against NOPEEj. This 21 year old have some serious moves. On both maps he managed to have most AWP kills and that’s absolutely impressive!

Sangal 1-2 Young Ninjas

Sangal is very well-skilled & known for amazing tactics but this time Young Ninjas defeated them with their outstandingly fresh energy. As we’ve said before – Inferno is their place to be and they seemed to know their ways around it (even though it’s Sangal’s best played map as well).

On the last map (Vertigo) Young Ninjas won 3 of 4 fullbuy vs forcebuy rounds while Mann3n had 3 triple kills this game (3/29 rounds).