Day 3 brings the 3s of life and death! 2 teams advanced to the #SnowSweetSnow Playoffs today while another 2 waved goodbye.

Let’s see who did what:


The Polish side disappointed me to be honest. They looked really good in the Regionals (until they didn’t) and I had hoped this iteration would finally click and start performing consistently. That didn’t happen and so they are the first team to get the axe in our Main Swiss stage.

A really close first map (16-13 for the Czechs, 8:7 CT, 8:6 T splits) was setting the tone for a banger of a series, but then HONORIS demolished SINNERS on Vertigo in the first half 5-10, Poles on CT, and closed it out on T with a 4:6.

So you think they’re back, and until the half on Mirage it really looked like it, as they were leading 7:8 as they headed onto their T side. And then it all went downhill. SINNERS completely outplayed them and won 8 in a row to close out the map and series. I’m not one for scapegoating but this picture says it all:

NEO and especially TaZ were not up to par and AWPer azizz has got to be disappointed with his teammates as he topped the server, was the only one with a positive K-D difference (+12) and looked like he was on a different level than the rest of the Polish squad.

Looking at the overall numbers it’s clear that HONORIS can only blame themselves for this loss, as if they had performed at least on an average level it would have been enough to win, but alas, it was not the case.

On the winner’s side, beastik beasted on the Poles, dropped 64 frags and was all around there when SINNERS needed him. Top performance and they stay alive in the race for playoffs.

Sprout 2-1 GamerLegion

It’s Sprout’s first win in SnowSweetSnow, after two loses with Izako Boars and EC Kyiv. They surely got nervous after the first map (won by GamerLegion 16-10 as it was their pick), but kept their cool and managed to score 16-13 on both Nuke and Train.

The best player was, not suprisingly, slaxz-, usually appearing on their MVP cards. I believe his entries (13 first kills) and 16 multikill rounds came in handy in terms of winning.

Dignitas 2-1 EC Kyiv

They started on Dust2, picked and won (very easily) 16-6 by EC Kyiv. And then did the exact same thing on Overpass, just switching sides – this time Dignitas won. The last map, Vertigo, was even more uneven – Dignitas won 3-16. Seems like a lot has changed after the first map.

The team was led by f0rest with 54 kills and a nice ADR of 92.7. They won all 4 fullbuy vs forcebuy rounds and turned all their first kills into round wins. Yay, consistency!

EXTREMUM 2-1 Izako Boars

Long story short, EXTREMUM won their pick, Vertigo, then Izako Boars won their pick, Train, and then EXTREMUM won the decider, Inferno.
They only won 3 rounds on Train – worth noticing, if you were to face them soon.

EXTREMUM’s best player, BnTeT, pulled off 3 triple kills and 1 quad kill. Also 7 pistol kills. Keeping them on their toes!

PACT 0-2 Godsent

It’s always a treat to see the new Godsent’s brazilian roster in action. They surely delivered today, defeating polish team PACT 2-0 (defeating them rather harshly, 16-9 and 16-6).

The highest stats belong to 17 years old dumau– he kept his ADR high (98.7) the entire time. We also kept our eyes on b4rtiN, as he gracefully won 15 out of 19 duels against Sobol, Vegi and lunAtic.

Sangal 2-1 Lyngby Vikings

This fight was severe – both teams clearly gave their all. Vertigo went to Lyngby Vikings, but both Dust2 and Inferno got won by Sangal. They performed remarkably during the SnowSweetSnow Regionals and it doesn’t seem like they plan to slow down.

A clear MVP of the fight was imoRR – despite earning more deaths than kills, he was the one that led Sangal to victory, inflicting the most damage and getting most kills.

ENCE 2-0 Endpoint

Once again, dycha with his insane ADR (100.6) appeared out of nowhere and scored his team ENCE a win. The first map, Train, was harsh – it took an OT 22-20 to resolve it. It was easier with Overpass, as it ended 16-11 for ENCE again.

Beside that mentioned ADR, dycha got Most kills, Most damage and the Best rating 2.0. And he saved the day with a quadra kill.

ForZe 0-2 Winstrike

In today’s episode of “Did El1an earn every title there was to win?”: no, he did not, he very generously shared “Most assists” with Lack1 from his team. Beside that, he obviously scored everything else: Most kills, Most AWP kills, Most first kills, Most damage, Best rating 2.0.

All the other players from both teams played well too: Mirage ended with an OT 22-19, Overpass with 16-6, both won by Winstrike.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s episode, same time, same place!