Moving into day 9 of the Swiss Stage here in the Pinnacle Cup II, and with three games ahead of us, there’s plenty of action!

Havu 0-2 Skade
The day started with Havu waking up on the right side of the bed and getting on top of Skade with 11-4 in the first half. The match was like looking at a cat-and-mouse game with Havu having the upper hand against Skade but in the second half Skade leveled up their game and moved up the score to 13-16 winning the first map. Overpass was picked as the second map where Havu, even though they had a good start, wasn’t able to stop Skade from getting the victory with 7-16. Dennyslaw was the top player and ended up with 48 kills.

Mouz NXT 2-0 Young Ninjas
Moving to the second match of the day, both Mouz NTX and Young Ninjas were very close in the first half with 8-7 but Mouz NXT managed to come around and take the first map with 16-7. The first half of Inferno, appeared to be in favour of Mouz NXT who scored 9-6 and whilst Young Ninjas got their head in the game and won a few rounds, could’t stop Mouz’s good teamwork that secured them the win with 16-10. Siuhy had the best performance in both maps with 43 kills and 101.2 ADR.

Ence 2-0 Entropiq
The last series took off with a very strong play from the side of Entropiq but the battle against Ence wasn’t easy. After a 3-10 Ence got it together and didn’t leave any space for Entropiq to win, getting the score up to 12-10. After that, the two teams were very close resulting in overtime but Ence snatched the win with 19-15. In the second map Entropiq tried to turn the tables but Ence came on top in the end winning the match with 16-11. Dycha was at the top of the scoreboard as he picked up 59 kills.