It’s day 8 of the Pinnacle Cup II, Swiss Stage with a lot of action on the way!

DBL Poney 0-2 Fiend
The day started very strong with Fiend dominating the game in both maps. Fiend picked Overpass as their first map, where they stroke a 10-5 in the first half and a 6-1 in the second half. Second map was Dust2 where DBL Poney won only 4 rounds in the first half and no rounds in the second. Dream3r had an impressive performance, as he finished the match with 101.3 ADR.

AGO 0-2 CPH Flames
Moving on, the second match was a close one but danish team Copenhagen Flames managed to win the first match against AGO with 16-12 in Ancient. In the second map CPH Flames stepped up their game and took 16 round while AGO won only 7. Zyphon was the top player of the match as he ended it with 46 kills.

Mibr 2-1 Lyngby Vikings
Last match of the day was a roller coaster. The odds were in favour of Lyngby Vikings but Mibr were out for the hunt and scored 16-11 in the first map. In the second map Mibr was on top but the tables turned after Lyngby Vikings felt the threat and made a comeback resulting to overtime before playing the third map. The match came to an end with Mibr getting the win. Boltz had an excelent perfomance as he closed the game with 69 kills.