There was only one match to take place today in the Swiss Stage, with a rescheduled match-up of Entropiq taking on 100PG! Let’s check out the game!

Entropiq 2-0 100PG
This match was sadly over quite quickly given that we only have a single game to watch today. We would’ve loved to see three maps to get a bit of extra juicy content but that wasn’t to be in this series as Entropiq cleaned the board with a 2-0 score. 100PG were only able to gather 19 rounds during the match. Forester had a lovely highlight clip during round 17 as he cleaned up a 4k against a simple eco-round from 100PG.

El1an was the leading man for the Entropiq side once again, as he clambered through the series to the top of the leaderboard, picking up 44 kills along the way, and ending the series with a 93.7 ADR.