The second group of the Pinnacle Cup II can be announced, and with some new teams joining the circuit, there’s sure to be some spicy matches in this group!

Group B
To start the group off, we have new-joiners in the form of Spirit Academy and the newly-announced Mouz NXT roster (Mousesports’ academy roster) that will match up against the more experienced rosters of GamerLegion and ALTERNATE aTTaX. This won’t stop the competition being high, however, as Spirit Academy field great players such as Patsi, and Mouz NXT have some amazing talents including the former-Izako Boars duo, Szejn and siuhy. The first matches will be GamerLegion taking on Mouz NXT, and Spirit Academy battling ALTERNATE aTTaX.

You can find all of the Pinnacle Cup II content on the English and Russian Twitch channels provided by TheEsportsBible. Pinnacle Cup II is proudly supported by Pinnacle.com, Trustly.net, Relog Media, and GRID esports. This tournament features a $100,000 prize pool, with $80,000 for the first place.