With the Home Sweet Home tournaments getting underway in a few days, it’s time for the talent who will be blessing the broadcast to be announced!

The English broadcast for the Home Sweet Home tournaments which can be found on TEBtv and TEBtv3 will feature 15 commentary talents from all across Europe. You will have seen many of them on the previous NINE to FIVE and Home Sweet Home broadcasts, but there are also some new faces welcomed to the tournaments!

Regional GSL, Regional Swiss Stage & Main Stage Commentators:

1. Pavlos “ExWarrior” Georgiou
2. Teodor “Tedd” Borisov
3. Ryan “ReTr00” Bernard
4. Jack “Zerpherr” Kelly
5. Matthias “Grev” Greeven
6. Neo “Ne0Kai” Caine
7. Tim “Dktruman” de Lange
8. Peter “Kremer3” Kremer
9. Josh “Emenjay” Martin
10. Teo “over” Siard
11. Roope “Nexus” Väänänen

Playoffs Commentators:

1. Jamie “TheEternalJay” Martin
2. Joshua “Dweg” Nathan
3. Teo “over” Siard
4. Tyler “Feelin” Gough

As well as the commentary talent that will be used on this broadcast, you cannot forget about the incredible admins who, like during NINE to FIVE, will most likely be blessing us with plenty of overtimes to endure and ensuring that the tournament will run as smoothly as expected!

Technical Administrators:

1. Slava “PeRcH1” Kushelevich
2. Evgeny “innout” Ovdiy
3. Janka “JanicKa” Vorčáková

The Esports Bible had the opportunity to grab a few words from some of the talent who will be featured on the English broadcasts during the first edition of Home Sweet Home!

Tim “Dktruman” de Lange:

I am excited for the upcoming Snow Sweet Snow cup because of the long winter break we had. This created a very large pause in play for a lot of teams and possibly created some swaps as well. The most exciting thing about CSGO is watching new up and coming teams battle and that is what I am most looking forward to!

Neo “Ne0Kai” Caine:

As someone who started casting as a hobby with mates, to be able to work under a collective such as GRID and the Relog Media team on the Home Sweet Home series is nothing short of a dream and an achievement I never thought I would achieve in my casting career. I am excited to bring some positivity into 2021 after such a shaky year for everyone with some amazing games of Counter Strike, some insane plays and hopefully some good memories along the way. I am really looking forward to casting the Home Sweet Home series and working with such an amazing production team and a great group of casters that will make all the better. There are going to be some absolutely cracking games of CSGO and I hope everyone is as excited as I am!

Pavlos “ExWarrior” Georgiou:

I am super excited to be part of the broadcast talent team of the #HomeSweetHome series this year and I cannot wait to get started! Drinking hot chocolate, or smelling the spring breeze, sunbathing with a piece of watermelon in my hand, or staring out the window where the leaves get blown off the trees, no matter the weather I’ll be alongside you witnessing the best goddamn esports action out there! Bring it on!

As well as the English commentary talent, there have been huge efforts to expand the TEB family of Twitch channels, now with more options than ever! There’s official TEB coverage available in French, Spanish, German, and Thai so far, with many more to come in the future!

You can find all the action taking place on the official TEB twitch channels starting from the 18th January, where we will see the start of the Regional Group Stage matches!