After such a successful first run in 2020, with 8 weeks of amazing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments, it’s time to get into the spirit of Home Sweet Home once again as it returns in 2021 with tournaments that are bigger and better than ever!

Each tournament will feature a $100,000 prize pool, totalling $1,200,000 in prizes across the 12 events planned to run in this circuit. There will be 3 tournaments per “season” including Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn! These seasons have been given cute names!

Snow Sweet Snow (Winter)
Spring Sweet Spring (Spring)
Sun Sweet Sun (Summer)
Fall Sweet Fall (Fall)

To kick off the Home Sweet Home tournaments in CS:GO, there are some very exciting teams waiting to type “.ready” in the server and get some action underway, including the likes of Ninjas in Pyjamas and their new Young NiP squad, Astralis Talent, the Kazakh giants of Virtus.pro and many more big names!

The main aim with the tournaments is to promote healthy competition and to relight the love of playing for many teams. In the current climate, it is so common to play countless numbers of matches and not gain anything from it where prize money is concerned. The Home Sweet Home series looks to change this.

One of the goals set this year is to encourage regional competition. In regions such as the CIS, Finland, and the Balkans, the amount of talent within the playing community is always growing but the amount of competition never increases. With these tournaments, Home Sweet Home is hoping to define the way players can get their opportunities to shine. One team that has really made this plunge is the Bulgarian team of FATE, who have recently signed 3 new players, with two of them being young talents who will be given the opportunity to develop during the Home Sweet Home tournaments. Both “milky” and “shaiK” have very little top-flight experience, but once they start to sink their teeth into the events on offer here, we think they’ll shine bright in their region.
You can find all the action taking place on the official TEBtv and TEBtv3 Twitch channels starting from the 18th January, where we will see the start of the Regional Group Stage matches.

The plan this year is to ensure that Home Sweet Home is on your screens weekly, with action-packed matches and your favourite teams playing head-to-head to fight for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. The main objective is to ensure that teams from all levels are given the opportunity to fight in the events and prove themselves worthy in the competitive scene that is developing this year.

The Home Sweet Home CS:GO tournaments will always kick off with a regional group stage, where teams will be split into groups defined by their region of play. For example, we have an Iberian group containing Spanish and Portuguese teams, a Western Europe group consisting of German and UK-based teams, and many more defined using the same regional rules. These groups will battle it out, with the top 2 from each group qualifying to the next stage of the event. Not only that, but the event is designed to want to promote healthy competition across all stages of the tournaments, so the top 2 teams out of each group will receive $1,000 in prize money just for making it out of the first group. This is a total of $16,000 in prize money given just in the Regional Group Stage.

The second stage of the tournament sees the 16 teams who have successfully qualified from the previous stage battle it out in a Regional Swiss System bracket. This will see all regions come together to determine the 8 teams that will move on to the next stage. As with any Swiss System bracket, each team gets a maximum of 5 Best of 3 match attempts to win 3 of those matches. You can only move on to the next stage by winning 3 matches. Again, by qualifying to the next section of the tournament, you receive a monetary prize of $2,000. This means that 8 teams heading into the later stages will already have $3,000 in prizes under their belts. Once again, another $16,000 in prize money has been dedicated to this stage.

The main swiss stage is where the competition becomes even more fierce. The regional teams that have successfully made it out of the two previous brackets will go on to face some high-level invite teams from the European region. As with the previous stage, the format remains the same, so the teams get 5 chances to win 3 matches to progress to the next stage. This time the rewards increase. If a team successfully makes it out of the main swiss stage, they will receive $3,000 alongside their name in bright lights as they qualify to the final stage of the tournament.

It’s the place where every team wants to be. A playoff place is what they desire, but only some can have it. It’s where the majority of the prize money comes from and where the best teams will play. The playoffs feature 4 rounds. The first of which is a battle between the teams who have qualified from the main swiss stage. The winner of this match goes on to face a big dog. They’ll be heading onto the server with a Top 15 ranked team in Europe, who will have been directly invited to the playoffs based on their rank. With competition being so tough in this bracket, it’s only fair that the overall winner takes home the largest money bag. For being crowned the champions of a Home Sweet Home tournament, the winning team would find themselves $40,000 richer.