k23 2-0 EXTREMUM

This quarter-final match was as sweet and short as possible. k23 defeated EXTREMUM 2-0 by scoring 16-10 on Dust2 and 16-7 on Inferno. Thanks to this glorious victory, we will see them tomorrow in the semi-finals.
No wonder that n0rb3r7 became the mvp today. He performed a beautiful ACE and finished the game with +27 K-D Diff. This guy is unbelievable, isn’t he?

HAVU 2-1 ex-Winstrike

We have to confess that we were extremely excited about this one and it really didn’t disappoint us. Both teams served us a serious rollercoaster ride, especially with that electrifying OT on the decider. After the craziest battle, HAVU became the winners of this quarter-final by scoring 19-16 on Mirage. They’re going to face k23 in tomorrow’s semis.
xseveN was amazing as always. His 74 frags (including 56 riffle and 12 pistol kills) were a total jaw-dropper.