The Regional Swiss stage begins tomorrow so let’s take a look at the 5 key players from our 5 Teams You Should Watch list and how much they will be impacting their teams in the next week of matches!

Denis “deko” Zhukov – 1WIN
deko has been one of the key standout players for the 1WIN side since he joined their roster and has even had great impact as a stand-in for other teams, like when he featured in the EPG Family roster for one match when El1an had to take a step back due to some issues. He has been consistently topping the leaderboard in the matches that 1WIN play, and at a young age his skill is incredibly high. He can clutch the tougher situations for his team and is one of the reasons that they win some matches 2-0 rather than having to play the third map. He’s definitely one to keep your eyes on!

Hristiyan “REDSTAR” Pironkov – Fiend
Since joining the Fiend team, the 19 year old player has been on top form in the majority of the matches. When you have players alongside you like dream3r and mar it’s hard to be one of the best players on the team but this is something that REDSTAR achieves on a regular basis. His clutch ability makes him a standout star on this squad. Under the guidance of the Fiend team, it seems like he is growing as more of a comprehensive player and moving from the star-player fragging role into a more fragging-supportive player which is exactly what Fiend needs.

Patrik “Zero” Zudel – GamerLegion
When the roster changed once again, it was unclear who would really take the lead on this side in terms of the fragging power but it was the mission of Zero to get back on top form and since their Regional GSL matches went so well we think it’s clear that he’s definitely back onto his old ways of fragging, with the two games that he played last week both ending with him topping 100+ ADR which is insane. GamerLegion seemed to have struggled with their previous roster but adding iM and isak seems to have allowed the other players to come out of their shells.

Grzegorz “jedqr” Jedqras – Wisla Krakow
After losing one of their key players in the form of hades it was unclear for Wisla Krakow whether any of their current players would have the tenacity to step up to the plate and be the leader in terms of kills but that is something that jedqr has taken on quite well as in the games that they played last week he was able to top the leaderboard in one of them with fellow player Markos taking the other lead. jedqr has been more of a consistent player when hades was in the team but it seems the door has opened for him to become more of a top-fragging player.

Ricardo “fox” Pacheco – OFFSET
Since OFFSET have been participating in the Home Sweet Home series they have been a side to consistently rise in the Iberian scene. With their roster making very few changes in these times it has given the team a great chance to become acquainted with their playstyle and to learn and grow together. At the helm of this roster has been long-term CS:GO professional player fox who has been taking the AWP role since he joined the team, and doing so incredibly well at it. He is one of the players that regularly claims the MVP awards when they play.