The Main Swiss action of Spring Sweet Spring 2 kicks off tomorrow at 09.00AM CEST, so let’s take a look at 5 stand-out players who we think will make a huge impact upon the next week of matches!

William “mezii” Merriman – Endpoint
Since his stint in Cloud9 ended and he was picked up by the UK-based side of Endpoint to fill what is now their 4-man British roster with CRUC1AL as the final piece, he has been elevating the way that Endpoint have been playing and has been a key figure in piecing some of this team’s elements together. Players like Thomas seem to work well in an environment where the star-player role can be shared among a fellow player and that is exactly the role that mezii plays, with his overall rating from the last 3 months being a solid 1.15.

Aleksey “El1an” Gusev – Entropiq
Once again this incredible talent is popping up on our Players to Watch list and once more we will reinstate that this player is damn-near incredible with the way that he is able to control the matches alongside his teammates. Even when times were tough and this team was orgless, they kept their heads high and El1an had some of his best recorded games in the Home Sweet Home events they played in. Now that they’re comfortably settled into the Entropiq organization, it will be very exciting to see how this team develops inside of the server as they head even closer to the Top 10 rankings.

Daniel “mertz” Mertz – Nordavind
When mertz joined the Nordavind roster he was touted as one of the players to not do so well in this team but his run with the now-European side of Nordavind has seen him reach a very consistent level with their style of play. With Daniel being the dedicated AWPer in the side, it gives him the freedom to roam around the map and find the kills he wants, and that’s what led him to achieving an incredible 1.19 overall rating for the last 3 months of play. His team will face some tough challenges in the Main Swiss stage but you can assured that mertz will always be somewhere near the top of the leaderboard.

Denislav “dennyslaw” Dimitrov – SKADE
The roster of SKADE has so much Bulgarian talent embedded into it that it takes a lot for one player to really stand out among the rest, and you can see this when the top-rated player on their team is constantly changing between dennyslaw, SHiPZ, Rainwaker and Duplicate. This gives the team so much freedom in terms of who performs on the day, that even if some of their players are having a less-than-average performance they’ve got plenty more firepower to back them up. The AWPer of the team, dennyslaw, has taken the lead in terms of rating and has been putting up great numbers in their matches. SKADE is one of the scariest looking teams headed into Main Swiss.

Rasmus “Zyphon” Nordfoss – Copenhagen Flames
Being signed to Copenhagen Flames is probably one of the best moves a Danish player can make at the ripe young age of 17, as they have a notorious reputation for developing and building young talent, with the likes of TeSeS, farlig, roeJ, TMB, maNkz and Daffu all passing through their doors before being signed by fellow teams and moving up the rankings. For Zyphon, this premise is exactly the same. He joins the team among two returning members in the form of HooXi and roeJ, so the team will be starting from the basics, allowing this young player to be embedded properly into the team, and with CPH’s knack for exploding young talent onto the scene, Zyphon is definitely one you should be keeping your eyes on.

You can watch all of the Main Swiss action unfold as of Monday 24th April 2021, on the TEBtv channels which you can find in the Twitch Team here!