Now that the Playoffs are due to begin, let’s take a look at five key players who, over the last three months, have had huge impact on their teams as the star fraggers of their sides. There’s some spicy ones in here, let’s take a look.

Paweł “dycha” Dycha: ENCE
Since ENCE switched their roster to more of an international feel, the players on their team have seemed much more comfortable in their roles, including one of the key players of the team, dycha, who moved to ENCE after his term in the German-based side of Sprout.
Over the last 3 months, he has averaged a solid ADR of 81.5, which is quite high given that ENCE haven’t had too many matches to play as of late.

Kaike “KSCERATO” Cerato: FURIA
This player has been in FURIA for a while now and has proven himself as a solid player. Whilst his ADR hasn’t been as high as other players around him and whilst he hasn’t been in the headlines as much as he would probably like, he is still a player that can change the course of a game. Getting flashy kills and multi-frags across many rounds is something that he can do consistently and that’s why you need to keep your eyes out for him.

Aleksey “El1an” Gusev: EPG Family
Once again, El1an is in this list of players to look out for as his form continues into the playoffs. His skill on display at the moment is huge and is one of the many reasons that this unsigned team sit so highly in the World Rankings. The young player is such a large influence in the rest of the team, bringing composure to the rounds where the clutches are necessary, and the hype to the server when the game is flowing in their favor. He’s a clear front-runner for one of the best CIS players at the moment.

Nikolay “mir” Bityukov: Team Spirit
However, hot on the tails of El1an to take the role of best CIS player in the Spring Sweet Spring tournament is the Team Spirit member mir, who has one of the best ratings in the team, mixed in with great players such as magixx and chopper. Back on the Vega Squadron roster, he was touted as one of the best players to move onto the likes of Natus Vincere in the future, or one other large team, but he has kept with the Team Spirit roster and elevated them to the #11 spot in the world.

David “n0rb3r7” Danielyan: K23
The last player on this list is one of the longest-standing members of this roster. n0rb3r7 has been part of this team since the early days of Syman Gaming before the squad rebranded into the legendary K23 banner. He has also been one of the highest-fragging members of this team, meaning that his ADR is huge over the last 3 months after a very active period of play. His number currently sits at a very impressive 87.4. We look forward to seeing if the K23 squad can push into the playoffs and make a good impact.

The Spring Sweet Spring #1 playoffs can be watched on the TEBtv and TEBtvRU Twitch channels. Make sure you never miss any of the action.